Fredericksburg Birth and Newborn Services is located in the Piedmont or central area of Virginia. I will provide encouragement, education, attention, support and comfort as you labor and birth your baby. I will also guide you in the early newborn, postpartum, days at home.

I will help you create a peaceful birth that flows and follows the desires of your heart. Understanding, that birth takes many paths and flexibility is key.  Together we can seamlessly moving into the newborn period, where I will guide you, as you transition to parenthood.

Should you desire a home birth, I work with several midwives and can help you connect with them. I can also help you locate a birth photographer, a newborn photographer and a  placenta encapsulater.


My goal as your Doula, is to provide the time, attention, education and the preparation that you and your family desire. The arrival of your baby should be memorable and pleasing. In the future, as you think back on your birth, as you talk about your birth, my hope is that it will always be with fond memories.



To help create the birth of your dreams, realising that there are times when plans need to be adjusted. The newborn parenting journey can start out well when the triad of a healthy mother, a healthy baby and a healthy birth are all reguarded as equally important.